The law of attraction according to Martin Wentzel


The law of charisma - controls the law of attraction!

Your charisma always reveals you!
We are like cell phones that are constantly sending and receiving living and pulsating electromagnetic energy. We are always connected to everything and everyone. It doesn’t matter what external changes you make! (A makeover, new job, new house, move to a new city or country) or what role you play in your physical body. Your charisma always reveals you!
  • Why do I attract partners, friends, and coworkers with a certain kind of behavior all the time?
  • Why does Lisa always attract men that treat her badly?
  • Why does Charlie always attract women who always oppress and cheat on him?
  • I don´t understand why I cannot leave my partner that is treating me so bad and with no respect? What kind of "force" is making me stay in this type of relationship?
  • How come one person can come into a room and fill it with positive energy, while another person entering the same room will drain you and the entire room? What causes this phenomenon?
  • Why does one seller become more successful in selling than another, when both of them have the same prerequisites?
  • How come some people can create their dream partner and dreamlife, mentally with their imagination and simply attract this into their life? When others fail to do this – even if they seem to have the same prerequisites?
All the questions above refer to how we function as transmitters and receivers of radiating and attracting electromagnetic energy.
Our most important communication and influence on other people happens through our magnetic energy field – our charisma.
Many books have been written about the law of attraction but in my opinion, they lack the in-depth knowledge and insights that I believe we must have to make the law of attraction, our lives and relationships work and function, as it was meant from the beginning.
You can read more about how we affect each other through our true, nonverbal communication in my book – “I was dead for 8 minutes and came back with the keys of life”. With the knowledge in this book, you can change and create your life and your relationships, in a way you never could imagine possible.

Martin Wentzel ©

Our thoughts and feelings are radiating and attracting energy!

Excerpt (page 98-99) from the book “I was dead for 8 minutes and came back with the keys of life!”
When I was on the other side - in the light I became aware that all of us on this earth - humans, animals, and plants have a living, pulsating energy field around us. From this energy field, there is a constant sparkling shimmer radiating out from us - like radio waves.
To see this sparkling shimmer from the other side was like enjoying the most amazing firework. I am convinced that this sparkling shimmer consists of all of our thoughts, emotions, and experiences - that we are constantly sending out with special frequencies, vibrations, colors, and sounds.
These vibrational frequencies are constantly pulsating out from us with different intensity and energy - depending on what thoughts, emotions, and experiences we are carrying with us. This living and pulsating energy affect and control everything in our lives.

The question is how conscious we are about what we are sending out for manifestation?