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Short presentation of the book (back cover)

  • Why do I attract partners, friends, and co-workers with a certain kind of behavior all the time?
  • Why do some people get mistreated, bullied, betrayed and abused - and not others?
  • Why do I always encounter the same kind of problems and conflicts?
  • I don´t understand why I cannot leave my partner that is treating me so bad and with no respect? What kind of force makes me stay in this type of relationship?
  • I wonder why our children are feeling so bad after the divorce that went so smooth? They never heard a bad word between us.
  • How come some people can create their dream partner and dreamlife mentally with their imagination and simply attract this into their life. When others fail to do this – even if they seem to have the same prerequisites?
Martin Wentzel was declared dead for 8 minutes after a serious accident in 1986. He left his physical body and was transferred to other dimensions of life. On the other side, in the light, he met transparent light beings that gave him the “keys of life”. In other words - the knowledge and insights that we must have to be able to live our lives in our full power and potential – as it was meant from the beginning.
You now have the opportunity to join me on a journey into the light.
Into a higher consciousness, where you will be able to change and create your life and your relationships - in a way you could never imagine.