The light in the tunnel - made by Martin Wentzel 

In 1994, eight years after my near-death-experience I created this work of art.
I was functioning as a channel for my guides – the light beings on the other side, who inspired me to create this work of art that I call “Evigtidens ljus” – “The light of eternity”.
The artwork is a three-dimensional relief cut out of Danish linden wood and measures six by three meters. It is carved out by hand with simple woodworking tools.
In the artwork, I choose to combine the symbolic for my experience with inspirational love messages from the bible. (without being religious)
I interlaced the spiritual, cultural and contemporary with the historic. Most people can relate to and are touched by the visual presentation and loving messages.
A request from the Stala parish house, on the island of Orust on the west coast of Sweden, resulted in the work of art being placed there for public view.
The sky represents the light in the tunnel that I was brought through before crossing over to another dimension. The light in my experience was much brighter than in the relief, but the basic colors were the same.
The light being in the middle of the altar is a silhouette of the guide who welcomed and lectured me after the passage. The people in the artwork are documented by name and native place. Everything is painted by linseed oil colors, mixed by hand.
My relief “The light of eternity” is available for public display at Stala parish house on Orust which is located between Varekil and Ellös north of Gothenburg.
For more information and opening hours please contact the Stala parish house office
Telephone +46 303 220 44