My near death-experience


I was dead for 8 minutes and came back with the keys to life

Listen to the audio version in English by NDE Podcast:

A dark afternoon in October 1986, I was on my way home from work on my bicycle. Suddenly a car came towards me with very high speed, in a curve, on the wrong side of the road. I could only see the blinding headlights before I was hit. I flew up in the air and landed 21 meters behind the car. At the highest point in the air, I could feel how I - what was me, left my physical body. Then everything became extremely bright. I found myself on a plateau surrounded by shining colors of pastel. It was all very beautiful and calm. The light was much stronger and brighter than the sun without being blinding. I felt like I was floating around in an ocean of crystals of warm, pure and unconditional love.
Suddenly I heard voices and sounds beneath me. With my mind and willpower, I was pulled down towards a scene of an accident. I could easily move around on the location, even through solid matter like trees and cars. It was just natural to do so. I could see people standing around an injured young man lying on the road. The people who were helping the young man had bright, beautiful and pure colors of pastel surrounding them, and you could hear the sound and vibrations of divine music. The ones who had driven the car was standing further away, on the side of the road. They were frightened and shocked, and they were surrounded by dark, gloomy colors and the sounds and vibrations around them were like dissonant noises.
When I moved around on the scene of the accident I could see and feel how bright light was radiating out from my non-physical body. When I focused on the young man and when my beaming light connected with his, I suddenly realized - it was me lying there!
At that moment I re-lived the accident. I heard the crash and felt how I was separated from my physical body.  I could feel how I was surrounded and embedded with warm bright light and that I was slowly moving back to the plateau that I came from.
After a while, I could sense that I wasn´t alone, and slowly five transparent light beings appeared in front of me. It was like they emerged from another dimension. They welcomed me. It felt like seeing dear old friends again after being away on a longer vacation. Our reunion was very heartfelt.
We communicated telepathically with each other in milliseconds. They told me they were my helpers, my guides that followed me in my life. They pleaded to me and said:
-You don’t even know we exist! (referring to people in general – including me!) We are always close to you to help you with anything you need, so you always can live happy in your full power and potential!
The guides continued and asked:
-Why do you mostly focus on the bound darkness? Living your lives in separation and conflict with yourselves and others?
Do you think that during the short time you live here on earth, you have time for this?
The guides taught me how we function as electromagnetic energy beings and how we were supposed to live and act together from the beginning. They explained to me that our thoughts and feelings are magnetic energy that constantly radiates from us like radio waves. This is what I experienced when I saw all the colors and heard the sounds and the noises around the people on the scene of the accident.
My encounter with the transparent light beings and the knowledge they gave me I describe further in my book - “I was dead for 8 minutes and came back with the keys of life”.
I wanted to stay in the unconditional and loving light on the other side. But it was impossible. The guides explained to me that it was already predetermined that I had to go back. I had to return to my physical body because I had a mission. I was going back to teach others what the guides had taught me. About the enormous powers and abilities, we all have programmed into every little cell of our body. With this knowledge, we can make huge changes in our lives and on Mother Earth.
My near-death-experience completely changed my life. My 8 minutes on the other side - where time does not exist as we know it - were like 8 years in our dimension.
But most important of all was that I reconnected with my helping friends - my guides
The reason great spiritual leaders like Jesus and Buddha could heal, perform miracles and live enlightened was their ability to connect with the higher energy systems. That we all have access to!
We all have great powers and abilities to bring out within us. This is what I want to teach you – as I was taught on the other side.

With Love 

Martin Wentzel