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“Martins insights from the other side has helped 1000´s of people transform their lives and manifest their dreams and goals!”
In my seminars and courses, I will explain the secret to how you easily can affect and change other people’s views on and behavior towards you, simply by changing your charisma! Other people will unknowingly start treating you in a much better and positive way! You will experience miracles in your life!

Weekend courses and seminars – description

The secret behind the law of charisma & attraction
Start living here and now! In your full power and potential! Everything you need is within yourself! We will first and foremost work on the balance between your mind (your intellect) and your soul. This will give you more than you will ever need and wish for!
I usually joke and say;
Ignore the angels and the planets and start doing the basic course within yourself!
You shall begin within yourself and work inwards instead of upwards like most people do, and give your beautiful tree of life roots, so your crown can grow at any height!
Use your spirituality first and foremost to live healthy, strong and happy in your everyday life - together with your loved ones, friends, coworkers, and others.
Use your spirituality and awareness to handle everyday difficulties, problems, and conflicts.
It is simply about being able to heal yourself, feeling as good as possible and getting along!
On the other side in the light, I learned how our lives and relationships were meant to function according to the divine plan that was created and exists for each and every one of us!

“We all have enormous power and potential that we are not even aware of!”

I will help you to raise your consciousness and bring out the divine powers and abilities you have inside yourself, that you are not even aware of!
You will learn how to break the habit of being “the victim” and become the creative and healing power of your own life!
Here and now you have the opportunity to join me on a journey into the light, into a higher consciousness where you can change and create your life and your relationships in a way you never could imagine were possible!
All of the knowledge and insights that I share with you comes directly from what I learned on the other side – in the light.
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